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Spiritual Teachings: Vaishnava Sadhana

Vaishnava Tantra
(The Sacred Science of Vedas)
Sthiti Samrohana
(Tejas Sadhana)
Vedic Metaphysics
(Study of Tattvam Mimansa)
Vaishnava Tantra, which is considered as the most sacred and powerful systematic rituals among different genres of Tantra’s, is originated from Vaishnava Sanskrit Agamic Texts suggested time period of composition; including the 3rd century BC and a period between 600 AD to 850 AD.
Sthiti Samrohana is an efficient healing sadhana which helps in overcome Vrtti also called as Pravrtti. Healing is a word used to describe a systematic approach to combating a problem, illness or irregular condition. Western World call this Behavioural Healing.
  Word “Metaphysics” enquires about True Reality and our place in it. Because of its very subject matter, metaphysics is beyond any science. Vedic Metaphysics describe the ultimate reality from Vedic Perspective.  

Spiritual Teachings: Vedic Psychology

Advaita Tattva
(Heal Yourself Mentally)

Healing Guilt by
Understanding Vedic Reality
Advaita Tattva or Ultimate Reality is the proposition that your individual or overall reality is a simulation, Indistinguishable from true reality, which concludes: everything as Maya, Virtual or Artificial.
Are you suffering from strong guilt. Are you considering yourself the 'REAL' reason behind some disaster which happend in past. Join this unique healing session to get rid of Guilt..
"Hari Sharanam is sharing Spiritual
knowledge in a modern context to
help people turning their lives around

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